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Smalles AsteroisThis is the coolest way to kill some time or to get rid of annoying ads:
Take your little spaceship and destroy every website you like
- without any installation or signup. Give it a try!

This is really easy: Just drag the red button on the right side to your bookmark bar. Then go to any other website and click on your bookmarklet to activate the spaceship.
(Want to give it a try first? Then click on the button to try it on this site!)


  • To start playing open the bookmark on the chosen site. Your spaceship will appear within seconds.
  • Use the arrow keys to steer your ship
  • Space to shoot
  • Show your enemies by pressing "B". Your score is shown in the right lower corner.
  • Enjoy playing! Press Esc to quit.
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Contact // Code by Erik Andersson Schriftarten